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One thing that old tools and Veterans of any age have in common is that they have a story and we look to preserve both.


On this page and on our YouTube channel, we will soon be bringing you some of the stories of the Veterans we meet on this adventure we're all on.  We believe that no matter what branch of service, how long they served, what their job was or if they ever saw combat, each story is worth listing to, documenting and retelling.   Because we're Veterans ourselves, we know that their stories go beyond their military service.  It's interesting to hear how their families managed the life in the military, what careers they chose when they returned to civilian life, and who they may have inspired to follow in their footsteps of service to our country.


If you want to share your story or you want to connect us with someone who would be willing to share their story, PLEASE reach out to us.  We would love to include them in our project.




Below are some statistics we gathered from the Veterans Administration (we rounded the numbers).  This chart shows exactly why is it so important to us to document the stories of Veterans.  


In the US, 245 WWII Veterans; 600 Korean War Veterans; and 390 Vietnam Veterans pass away EVERY DAY.  Unfortunately, Veterans of the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars have committed suicide 4 times more than the total number of combat deaths from both wars combined.  Currently, the suicide rate of US military personnel is trending at an alarming 48% higher than normal, which was already high.


While Veterans are viewed by many as heroes, they are they don't often have superpowers.  They are everyday Americans that felt it was their responsibility to serve all of the people of this great country.

Afganistan Wars
2001 - 2021

3 million Americans served
7 thousand military died

8 thousand contractors died
30 thousand have died

by suicide since 9/11

Korean War
1950 - 1953

6.8 million Americans served
33.7 thousand died
500 thousand still alive today
600 die each day

Vietnam War
1954 - 1975
(US Combat 1965 - 1973)

8.7 million Americans served
58.2 thousand died
610 thousand still alive today
390 die each day

World War II
1939 - 1945

16 million Americans served
405.4 thousand died
167.3 thousand still alive today
245 die each day

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