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We plan on adding items to our online store soon. 


Thank you for your patience! 🇺🇸

People often wonder about the difference between something being called vintage versus antique....

Vintage is something older, but from a specific time frame.  For instance: vintage 1990's or vintage 1975

Antique is used to describe an item that is at least 100 years old


We do our best to keep shipping costs low.  There are three shipping price tiers for most tools.  

The tier is pre-determined by the size and weight of the item.  

If you purchase multiple items, the shipping cost for the entire purchase will only be for the heaviest item.

#1:  USPS First Class Mail = $5.60

#2: USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail = $8.40

#3:  UPS Ground = $12.60

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