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We accept donations of tools of ANY kind, ANY condition.  


We are tool restoration experts, so don't worry if they are rusty, dusty or broken.  We will restore and repair what we can.  We'll use the working parts from tools that are beyond repair.


In the end, if there are tools or pieces that are absolutely beyond repair, we strip, sort and recycle the metal and plastic components.  We don't let anything go to waste.  


WE WILL COME TO YOU to pick up anything from a box of tools to a garage or workshop full.

Buying tools from us helps us grow by funding our work efforts and quarterly donations to Veterans service organizations that do good work for Veterans.


Your purchases are greatly appreciated and we hope you love the tools as much as we do.  Chances are that if you buy something from us now, you'll be a returning customer!


In the near future, we are also expanding our sales offerings to include gear like t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and so much more.  We'll keep you posted on what's coming out next!

Screen Shot 2021-10-27 at 8.43.47 PM.png
tools_edited.jpg let's say that you've made it this far and you love what we're doing, BUT you don't have any tools to donate and you aren't looking to buy tools, there are still a few ways you can get involved to help us on our mission:

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We have an Amazon gift registry that has basic items we use around the shop.  There's everything from paper towels to shelving units that help us organize our incoming tools and sales orders.  There are items on the registry for as little as $5.  


If you buy something off this registry, it gets shipped directly to us.  Every dollar we can reduce from our overhead costs, allows us to have more money at the end of the quarter, which is where get the money to donate to Veteran service organizations.  


The concept is simple.  The more money we have at the end of each quarter, the more we can donate.


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Simply thank a Veteran, young or old when you see them.  Many of them are not expecting a "thank you" but we can tell you from personal experience, sometimes it's a little pat on the back from a perfect stranger that makes it all worth it.  A thank you to one Veteran lets us know you stand with us all.


So please don't be shy, if you see a Veteran that sacrificed his or her time, family, and everything else that goes along with military service, just walk over and simply say "thanks."  We promise you, it will be received well.   Your day and that of the Veteran will be that much better!

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